Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Statement - February 2023

Colortape International Film Festival (CIFF) is committed to supporting equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in all aspects of its activity, employment and operations. The Board of CIFF wishes to set out publicly their commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion as a key responsibility and priority.

As a local festival with global focus, Colortape International Film Festival has celebrated and promoted multiculturalism, diversity, and inclusion for 67 years. Colortape International Film Festival’s programme persistently reflects the breadth and diversity of our audience and continually evolves with the community it serves.

We believe in championing film as a powerful platform to tell stories, raise awareness of issues, promote active discussion and debate, and deliver positive impact by engaging with both audiences and stakeholders.


We want to use our platform as a world class festival to showcase a diverse and wide range of lived experiences, voices and perspectives, and ensure that everyone we work with, support and welcome to the festival can enjoy the same opportunities. We think that our biggest impact is the opportunity of educating cinema-goers, stimulating discussion and shining a light on the issues and solutions of climate and social issues, by carefully curating our film programme and outreach activities.


We are committed to fostering an environment both internally and externally that promotes and respects EDI at work and to treating all of our employees, directors, volunteers, stakeholders, artists and the public equally, regardless of age, civil status, disability, family status, gender including gender identity, religious belief, sexual orientation, race/ethnicity, religious belief, membership of the Traveler community and/or socio-economic background.


The Festival is not complacent about its progress to date, and recognizes that there is more work to be done to advance EDI and improve accessibility in all of its activities. We are working to become a more equitable, diverse and inclusive organization, and through our international profile and extensive partnerships, we are committed to playing an active part in building a more equitable society.

Our Key Objectives 2022 - 2023 Strategy

      Ensure EDI is embedded in our future CIFF Strategy as cross-cutting theme and value

      Complete and publish a new EDI Policy and Strategy.



      Conduct both internal and external EDI surveys including CIFF staff and Board, audience, filmmakers, principal stakeholders to identify EDI priorities

      Foster an equitable and inclusive professional environment for all staff

      Provide EDI training for all staff and board.



      Ensure EDI and intersectionality is considered as part of festival selection criteria and programming so that our programme is reflective of the diversity of society

      Continue to build programmes and partnerships that support and promote a diversity of voices, experiences and perspectives



      Offer a welcoming experience for all visitors from all backgrounds/lived experiences

      Actively diversify the staff team and our sector more widely by supporting current, emerging, and future professionals from communities who are currently

under-represented in the arts

      Explore new ways to improve accessibility of Festival and year-round events

      Ensure a diversity of representation and content in all CIFF promotional, brand & communications materials.

      Ensure that artists and arts workers are remunerated fairly and equitably, and in line with the Arts Council's ‘Pay the Artist’ policy


Monitoring & Evaluation

      Track diversity amongst our programme (countries of production, gender balance for directors/ producers/writers.

      Conduct an audit of current recruitment and HR policies, with a focus on EDI

      Achieve a Bronze “Investors in Diversity” Award