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Chroma keying is a special effect that revolutionized filmmaking. In video and film production, chroma keying on green or blue screen allows filmmakers to combine shots, change locations, fix mistakes, maximize budgets and create impossible effects. Every day, audiences see the result of chroma keying's innovative history.

Chroma keying is the process of shooting a subject on camera and replacing that subject in an entirely different background indiscernibly. According to Mercury TV, chroma "refers to the purity, brilliance or richness of a color and its strength and weakness...Keying cuts a hole in an image making it transparent. The resulting hole is then filled with another image." The development of color film and television allowed colors absent in human skin tone to be isolated and separated. Blue and green are the primary colors used as chroma backgrounds.

Hence, we would like to give an opportunity to all filmmakers to present their chromakey montage to showcase their creativity and skill in creating visual effects using this particular technique, by entering this category of the competition.

Participant must explain the segment of the montage where it has been used and how it was done.

Requirement: only blue or green background may be used. See more tips below.

All participants or registered members please note, that all terms and conditions outlined online must be reviewed and agreed to


Festival Home Zone B - UK and Northern European submissions recommended to enter here

Zone B - European submissions

Fees - To be eligible to participate you must register online on any chosen plattform

Thank you & Good luck.


Chroma key, also called Chroma key compositing or "green screen," is a technique used in video filming and still photography. Chroma key places the subject of a photo or video in front of a solid green screen (occasionally the screen will be in other colors such as blue or magenta). The subject is then filmed with the Chroma key screen as a backdrop. After the video has been made, video editing programs are used to digitally insert any background desired into the video or photo. The goal of Chroma key is "combining images from different sources and merging them into one seamless image,"

The main effect that a Chroma key screen has is brightness. Chroma key screens are typically colored in a brilliant green or blue color. The brightness of the screen is very obvious, and will make the subject of the video much more noticeable than they would be with a dark-colored screen or a backdrop with multiple colors on it.

A Chroma key screen gives an effect of clear subject definition. Any person or object who is placed in front of a Chroma key screen will stand out in very sharp relief, which makes it easier for the technicians working on the film to insert backgrounds later.

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