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Nostalgic short film
A young couple watches an old TV show where the detective reveals clues about the husband's cheating. Will they stay together or follow the detective's bits of advice and destroy their relationships?
Adventure. Drama.
Prometheus had dared to steal fire from the gods of Olympus to give it to men so that they could learn. Zeus sentenced him to be tied to a rock. His liver, which an eagle came to devour every day, grew back every night. When Théo, a Parisian rapper with an already bad liver, finds himself without the means to light a cigarette one evening in the countryside, he goes in search of fire. The night that awaits him will be legendary...
Romantic. Sexual. Relationship.

Honorable Mention Awards Script/Screenplay Category (recipients)

"Electronic City" from India directed by Chikkanna Ramakrishnaiah
Electronic City is a modern love story set in the competitive world of Bangalore's IT industry. The heroine works in software company and she is very innocent and she keeps getting torture in the office by her manager[Villian]. The heroine learns from hero to stand up for herself and strongly believe in self belief in front of manager[Villian]. The love story is indirectly compared with office project. The love story and IT office project goes in parallel in the film. Main Theme: It is triangle love story and the film aims to showcase the highlight, struggles, successes and daily lives of all IT Software workers in their efforts to unite and organize for better living conditions and social justice. The film deeply connected to and support the fight of all IT software workers around the globe to achieve lives filled with respect for their rights and dignity on the job. Note: The script was selected was Bangalore International Film Festival 2020 and Film was completed or Censor on 30th May 2022.
An injured man comes out of his study room and encounters two strange cubes in the middle of his workshop and decides ...
A Georgian couple lives near Tbilisi. They have many challenges in life. But the arrival of a guest in their house changes everything.
"Covid-19 Ground Zero" directed by Mustafa Ozgun

Based on true stories from frontline hospital workers. New York City between February & May 2020, a dedicated hospital nurse and her boyfriend recently laid off, fight against the chaotic political backdrop and the pandemic that engulfed NYC.

Feature from Germany. "Not since Toni Erdmann have cliches around German humour been so artfully disproven." (Pauline Rieux, Raindance Film Festival) "...but it's written and directed in such a way that makes this tragedy into more of an amusingly wistful melancholy, effectively blending genres and making something totally unique. ...As far as romantic comedies go, Sweet Disaster is one of the most original and imaginative ones in recent memory." (Jack Walter, Loud and Clear Reviews) "Frida is a really crazy fun character. Outstanding performance by Friederike Kempter. ...See for yourself!" (Sabine Willkop, SWR Fernsehen) "Light-footed Drama narrates our imperfect life. The conflicts in generation gap, relationships and parenting are transcended to precise scenes full of empathy for the characters." (Heiner Dahl, ARD) "It's truly heart-warming and funny!" (Julia Lehmann, SR1) " of the best films of the year... Sweet Disaster by Laura Lehmus stars the quirky, funny, and loveable Friederike Kempter who leads a formidable cast in this hilarious, poetic and heartfelt comedy." (Pendance Film Festival) "Sweet Disaster is as cute and funny as it is dramatic and heartbreaking. Directed by the gifted Laura Lehmus." (Adam Mast, The Independent) "For a long time no one has told a story as quirly and peppy about unfaithful men and abandoned pregnant women. Laura Lehmus hits in her debut feature film an blithe keynote, overplaying elegantly the hidden minorkey. She charms the audience with animations and surreal inspiration without slipping in to artificial gimmic. The real-life position of single moms remains constanty precent." (Peter Gutting, Logline A late-in-the-game pregnancy and the sudden ending of a relationship are not necessarily catastrophic by themselves. Combine the two, and it is like throwing fire accelerant on charcoal. Short synopsis Frida unexpectedly falls pregnant and Felix, the father of her child, breaks up with her to re-unite with his ex. Although some serious health problems caused by the late pregnancy force Frida to rest, she still tries to get Felix back, using methods which are absurd, exaggerated and sometimes hilarious. Long synopsis SWEET DISASTER tells the story of FRIDA. German-Finnish, painting therapist and 40-y.o. Two events change the usual course of her life. She gets unexpectedly pregnant and FELIX, the father of her child breaks up with her to re-unite with his ex who is suddenly back. FELIX admits that it is not the best timing, however it does not prevent him from leaving. FRIDA cannot accept FELIX' decision. Although some serious health problems caused by the late pregnancy force her to rest, she tries to get FELIX back with the help of absurd, exaggerated and sometimes absolutely comic actions.
"The Massage Room " from Iran directed by Sahra Asadollahi
Nominated in Top 10 Persian Films (Quarter-Finalist) . A massager's life changes after visiting an elder customer.
  Documentary about the work of the French artist Eric Le Courtois, currently living in a small town in Galicia, Spain.Eric lived many years on Ibiza and Majorca Islands , transmitting all that Mediterranean essence in much of his fascinating work.
A grieving old man, Terry, is struggling to come to terms with the recent loss of his late wife. When, Sarah (his middle-aged daughter) brings news that Terry's wife left letters for him hidden around the house, to help him accept her passing, it's all too much for Terry, unable to put his grief aside. Can Sarah get her father to fulfil her mums final wish and find peace?
Semi-Finalist Award
Cast: N/A
3rd/4th Place (sharing co-award)
Experimental. Student film. The Future. The irreparable happened, the sun became dangerous for people. A few people, hiding from sunlight in closets in an anti-radiation house survived. Thanks to a certain Shepherd, they have a chance to stay fed. The Shepherd has the ability to convert energy into a nutritious liquid. Phillip, the main character, is very tired of living in fear, he dreams of freedom, of the sun. In the conditions of the dangerous sun, he looks like a stupid dreamer.
"Don't Cry" Animation from Iran directed by Hisham Zreiq A Palestinian girl, a Palestinian man and an Israeli woman meet at a celestial lake, the meeting triggers a conflict between the man and the woman caused by previous encounter, the girl tries to mediate. Will she succeed? Would it be possible to bridge between them?
"Facing The Silence" directed byEmilio Ruiz Barrachina "They're Never Coming Back" directed by Augustine Dalton "Dinner" Animation short directed by Chenxin Yang An animated short describes the remembrance of a beloved one. The story is about a man desperately trying to recreate his late wife's dish.
"Intro (Buenos Aires 3 A.M.)" directed by Raimundo Miguel Morte González "Yesterday I opened the closet. I found your smile, I dressed in your songs, and we walked down the aisle together, bound by our passion."
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"Loin D'al-Andalus" directed by PHILIPPE KASTELNIK (a 2021 film) End of the Xth century. A traveler is crossing the mountains, far from his home, Cordoue, capital of the prosper caliphate Al-Andalus.
Genre: Fiction. Historical drama.
"Blindspot" a film from Singapore directed by Andre Chong With only one spot left for a clinical trial, two siblings suffering from a hereditary eye disease have to decide who receives treatment.
Genre: Drama. Short
"Bienvenido Mr. Banksy - Welcome Mr. Banksy" directed by CARLOS A. QUIRÓS In 2017, the neighbourhood of Canido in Ferrol (Galicia-Spain) developed a massive international campaign for Banksy to come and paint a Menina at the local Street Art festival called " Las Meninas of Canido". Did Bansky answer to this curious call?
Genre: Fiction. Art. Comedy/Drama.
"Battle of Ares" directed by Adnan YAŞAR "The story of how empathy can be established on the death-life line of human and animal after his dog Ares, who is the biggest obstacle to the joy of life of a young female teacher, caught cancer" English teacher Suna Gülşen Öz Balcı's dog Ares, with whom she lived for 11 years, suffered from cancer. He tells the story of his capture. Suna Gülşen Öz Balcı, who lives in Bodrum, does her best to keep her dog Ares alive; He decides to apply euthanasia to Ares, whose pain increases as a result of chemotherapy.
Genre: Documentary. Student film.
"At A Height" a film from Russia
Genre: tba
"THE PASSION OF KIERKEGAARD" directed by Rafael Gordon Alfredo (Víctor Rivas) debates his yearning of life with Soren Kierkegaard, the philosopher of the human reality. Listen to them debating is a necessity as useful as thinking. See Kierkegaard crying makes us regret not having learnt to cry.
Genre: Fiction. Drama. Historical.
"Parallèles - Parallel" directed by AMBROISE CARMINATI The parallel daily life of two young women, a customer success manager and a shepherdess, in their work environment that everything seems to oppose.
Genre: Romantic documentary.
"Valienta, Mujer"- "More Than Brave" from Spain directed by MARC VILALTA A fifty-year-old transgender woman goes out for the first time as she really is, facing her own fears, insecurities and society's prejudices.
Genre: Fiction. Drama. Gender & social issues, gender.