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"Plantados" directed by Manu Ochoa & Yolanda Román

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Key Cast:

Lead actor / actress: Yolanda Román; Manu Ochoa; Supporting actor / actress: Gema de Medina; Cristina Medina; Emilio Línder; Gonzalo Kindelán; Mauro Muñiz; Valentín Paredes; Agustín Mateo; Manu Jiménez; Beatriz Rico; Aitor Merino; Santi Senso; Soledad Rosales; María Velesar; Jonai Rodríguez; Paloma Guzmán; Fernando Galán;

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About :

"Planted" is a story about hope, about the need to believe, the illusion of the implausible over logic... In short, about the struggle between acceptance and faith. Susana is a young and unmotivated journalist looking for her place in the world. About to quit her job, her boss asks her to do a report in a village in Extremadura where, according to the latest news, a kind of shaman claims to have discovered a miraculous land where people who put their feet in it find a remedy for many of their ailments and diseases. Susana, once on the ground, will soon discover that everything is apparently a farce and that all those who hope that this miraculous land will solve their problems are wasting their time.  Totally convinced that everything is a lie, Susana begins to investigate the true intentions of Raul, the architect of it all, since apparently there is no profit motive. After a dispute with a cancer patient whom she tries to convince to leave the place and go to a hospital, she decides to return to the city and end the report. Before leaving, Raul gives Susana a sack of this "curative" soil, and on her return to the city, her dissatisfaction with her life, and the apparent abnormal growth of a tuber that she plants in the soil Raul gave her, leads her to doubt the properties of the enigmatic soil, even trying to put her feet in it.   Impulsively, Susana returns to Raul's land, discovering that he has sold it and left. She decides to resume her investigations about the mysterious character, only to discover that Raul now calls himself Father Artiles and that he has created a new farce, which she finds out for herself when she goes to the place of the new set-up. Susana returns to the city and continues with her life, planting herself every day in the land that Raul gave her, even knowing the great lie that this land is, but finally seeking to believe in something special and magical in her life.

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