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ORIGAMI IN THE GARDEN directed by Barbara Bentree

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Key Cast:

Kevin Box, Jennifer Box, Robert J. Lang, Beth Johnson, Michael LaFosse, Richard Alexander

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Kevin Box has always known exactly what he intends to do with his life. In his words, "I want to have a conversation with people now and hundreds of years into the future." "ORIGAMI IN THE GARDEN" documents the career arc of Kevin as he travels the world with his exhibitions of 25 foot tall origami metal sculptures. The Main Themes of the ORIGAMI IN THE GARDEN FILM: -A story that beautifully illustrates the concept of KARMA. -An inside look at the world of bronze sculpture - the amazing artistic and scientific processes coupled with incredible financial challenges -The film demonstrates how important it is for an artist to have a clear vision that they are totally committed to -An illustration of how creative artistic endeavors require partnership and collaboration in order to achieve monumental success The ORIGAMI IN THE GARDEN FILM is a Love Story that documents a fascinating Spiritual Transformation. It will inspire anyone who appreciates art and the tremendous leaps of faith that are required to become a successful artist. Over 2 million people have visited Kevin's exhibition titled "ORIGAMI IN THE GARDEN" and the word is spreading fast. It’s truly amazing what Kevin Box can do starting with just a simple piece of paper!

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Shorts (link under development) World Films (link under development) Feature (link under development) Historical (link under development) Fiction (link under development) Drama (link under development)

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