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I'm Not Gay from NSW

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Jarryd Doyle, Bill Liu, Nicholas Davies, Cédric Foley, Brendan Palmer, Jerome Varlet-Green, Michael Delmar, Jackie Tran, Michael Kingdom, Roel Fiala, Jasper Molyneux, Oliver Smith

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A conflicted gay man struggles to teach his younger self about the challenges of adult life. Searching for answers inside stories from his past, he must confront his nature and the man he will become. Documentary meets musical feature in this experimental coming of age drama about power and masculinity in modern day Australia - a bridge between the gay and straight experience (see "What an incredible project. It gives a true sense of your talent as a filmmaker and your curiosity as a human being." - Ian Thomson (Out In The Line Up, Becoming Colleen)

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Shorts (link under development) World Films (link under development) Feature (link under development) Historical (link under development) Fiction (link under development) Drama (link under development)

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Colortape Film Festival - Thank You
Colortape Film Festival 300 x 250