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"Dangerous sun" directed by Anna Lvovna Makeeva

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Key Cast:

Nikolay Nikolaevich German, Evgenia Ibragimova

Category :

Experimental. Student film.

About :

The Future. The irreparable happened, the sun became dangerous for people. A few people, hiding from sunlight in closets in an anti-radiation house survived. Thanks to a certain Shepherd, they have a chance to stay fed. The Shepherd has the ability to convert energy into a nutritious liquid. Phillip, the main character, is very tired of living in fear, he dreams of freedom, of the sun. In the conditions of the dangerous sun, he looks like a stupid dreamer. He finds in his closet a small sprout that has sprouted in a charming matter. People only come out of their closets at night. The Shepherd constantly escalates the situation of fear and says that if it were not for him and his abilities, everyone would have died. Therefore, everyone listens to him. And they are afraid. The bowel movements of each person should normally be white, if the liquid turns yellow, such a person is sick and he is isolated. Since he loses the instinct of self-preservation and becomes dangerous to society. Today, a certain Vasiliy turned out to be ill, thus banished. On the same day, when Phillip is sleeping in his closet, the closet door opens and he sees a man who is photographing Phillip and hiding. Phillip gets scared at first, but then he becomes curious about who this person is, why the sun did nothing to him or to a person. Phillip looks out of his closet through the crack, but does not dare to come out. At the same time, the sprout in his closet blossoms into a beautiful flower, giving seeds. Phillip tells his wife Liza about everything. Liza refuses to believe, because no one can live under the sun. Phillip decides to come out of the closet in the afternoon and sees a Shepherd who is... awake. Moreover laying underneath the sun, saturating himself with solar energy, while drying his clothes on a rope. Phillip decides to get out of the building to the cliff and plants seeds in the ground. Liza thinks that the mold that is everywhere on the walls makes Phillip hallucinate. Phillip realizes that the sun does no harm, and the Shepherd deceives everyone. Meanwhile, when Phillip pees, he discovers that his urine is yellow. This means that he is isolated from everyone. Phillip, horrified, comes out from the cabin, but the liquid surprisingly changes its color and becomes ordinary - white. The danger was gone. In the hall, Phillip notices the face of the man who opened his closet, shortly, the man disappears. Phillip guesses that the liquid is turning white from fear. He learns how to turn the liquid white, remembering a terrible episode from childhood. When Phillip was sitting at the cliff, suddenly, Vasiliy appears and tells Phillip about the traps and the force fields that the Shepherd planted, that they can't simply just run away. Phillip and Vasiliy continue to ponder on why would the Shepherd keep people in closets, if the sun is no longer dangerous. They go up the mountain together to see how many energy trees are working to come up with an escape plan. On the way to the mountain, Phillip breaks down and understands a lot about fear and about his behavior when he is afraid. Phillip climbs the mountain as a different person. Upon climbing up, Vasiliy and Phillip see a field filled with energy trees and windmills, a lot of them and they are all intact. Phillip tries to convince his wife and rescue her and her son to freedom. Liza is afraid, does not believe, and flatly refuses to get out of her closet during the day, locking her son with a key. Phillip, knowing about his freedom, makes a choice to stay with his family, he goes out for a walk in the sun, and in the evening returns to his wife and son. Phillip confesses to Vasiliy that he does not want to get out of the Shepherd's lair, he already feels freedom when he sees clouds and can be under the sun. Phillip realized that he could no longer force Liza to believe him, he understands that this is her choice, this is her way to survive. One day, sitting in ambush, Phillip and Vasiliy spot a man who once opened the closet door. A chase begins, the man runs too fast, but ultimately falls into a trap, Phillip and Vasiliy surround him and, threatening with a knife and a screwdriver, force him to speak. They will find out that this person is a journalist who is trying to find out information about fear farms. That they keep people there like animals, scare them and collect white liquid from them - fear. That this fear is being sold on the black market to states and corporations for control. The journalist manages to escape from Vasiliy and Phillip. Vasiliy and Phillip are watching the Shepherd. They see how a courier arrives at the Shepherd and takes away cans of white liquid. The courier spots that Vasiliy and Phillip are free and informs the Shepherd about it via video link. The courier rises into the air and it becomes clear that there are several more such farms nearby. When Phillip stands behind the screen, the Shepherd opens the door. Everyone sees that Phillip's liquid is yellow. Phillip shows courage, lifts the liquid up and turns it white. People are surprised. The Shepherd is stunned. He takes out a flower that has grown on the street. But people start laughing, because many also have such flowers in their closets. Upset, Phillip lowers his hands and accidentally a seed falls into a cup with a white liquid. The liquid becomes blue, life-giving. Randomly, Phillip reveals to all people the secret of making food. At last, Phillip and Liza go out into the sun together, and their skin begins to sizzle, Liza wakes up, realizing it's just a dream, and she's just very afraid to go out in the sun. Here the situation repeats itself and Phillip calls Liza to meet the dawn. Whether she will actually meet the dawn is an open question.

Tags :

Shorts (link under development) World Films (link under development) Feature (link under development) Historical (link under development) Fiction (link under development) Drama (link under development)

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