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Louis Abdilla, Woochae Chung, Anthony D. Gerard, Anish Karki, Renu Madhavapeddi, Marcin Stoklosa, Alejandro Toledo, Simba C, Tsokota
Directed by Nathan Short
Directed by Lucy Schacher
Black Tie Optional directed by Shuban Krishnan
Romantic Short Film
Directed by Ying Chu
Australia is the world's driest continent, yet in winter the Australian Alps hold more snow than all of Switzerland. This vast, rusting-red country also dresses in green. Filmed in the Australian states of Tasmania, Victoria, Queensland and South Australia as well as the Northern Territory. © Chris Tangey 2022 Music by Caleb Etheridge
Poster N/A
Directed by Mitchell Bailey
Drama, comedy
Directed by Ruby Walker
Documentary short made by student.
Short Psychological Thriller
Directed by Peter Merrill
Jarum From NSW
"Modus Operandi: Brisbane's Ripper Suspect" directed by David Hodkinson & Alice Walker
"Surviving Sunset An Actor_s Hollywood Journey" from NSW directed by Shaun Anthony Robinson
"Touched from NSW" Directed by Tim Levy
True N.O.R.T.H from Brisbane Directed by Tristan Hargreaves
"What I'_'ll Do Today" from Gold Coast directed by Jianhui Zhang
"THE MASTER COW" from Qld Directed by Nick Elson