Welcome to Colortape International Film Festival! Submit your films online through Withoutabox





Welcome to Colortape International Film Festival!


- Films, animations and commercials/promos must be filmed and submitted in high definition.

- Entrants are required to submit 3 photographs from their film and one photograph of the director.

- All entries must be either in English or subtitled in English.

- Non-English entries submitted without subtitles are not eligible.

- Films should contain no logos or watermarks.

- Only complete entries (including paid fee and preview screener) will be processed.

- All Films will be preserved in the festival's film database for future reference.

- Original films are to be submitted to the festival within 7 days after selected films have been announced or selected. Once your film has been considered and selected you will be notified via email. Make sure you will provide contact details during submission.

- Participant must meet key deadlines. Submit your projects on time.

- All participants or registered members please note, that all terms and conditions outlined by Withoutabox must be reviewed and agreed to.




Technical Specifications

• Format: Quicktime, Quiktime, Quicktime! We like Quicktime. Although we accept several formats (.mpeg4, .mpeg2, .wmv), we prefer .mov files.

• CODEC: use H.264 when possible

• Resolution Minimums: We accept both 16:9 (Wide Screen) and/or 4:3 (Standard Screen). Please do not letter box or edit your film to fit our player; we will make all necessary adjustments through the encoding process.
• Data Rate: 1500 Kbps to 2.000 Mbps

• Frame Rate: Current (at least 24 fps)

• Sound: AAC, 48.000 kHz, Mono/Stereo, Best Quality, Bit rate 128kbps or better

• File Size: Films should be not coverted to lrge file formats, keep within required specs (ref: Withoutabox)

Since you have shot and made your award winning commercial or promo, after spending endless hours of pre & post production work, from filming to editing, designing and rendering, finalized your master then now it's time to render a version of your film for web upload. Just as there are endless shooting formats; there are numerous rendering formats. Make your film stand out by delivering the highest quality, correctly formatted file. Always keep a copy of your master commercial or film safe and on file for future use. It is the responsibility of the registered member or entrant to upload the correct file format and must be as small as possible. Files larger than 100Mb will not be accepted for uploading due to our net limitations.

Deliverables: 16:9 HD preferred format. Film can be made in your native language but MUST have Englisg subtitles. Please submit your photo and info about you & your subject(s), cast and crew.
Colortape International strongly prefers submissions in High Definition Video and 16 x 9 aspect ratio, however, no participants will be excluded from any competition because they did not film in HD or because they don't have HD equipment.

Colortape International Film Festival promotes the work of filmmakers who make film or any form of digital content in their own native language, and we will be more than happy showcase them, and judge them fairly & equally with those in English languge.As long as there is a multilanguage selection optionin the menu (DVD) and English subtitle embedded at the bottom of the footage (legible, clearly readable!) or dubbed/syncronized in English (voice-over if the narrator is not a native English-speaker). Points will be heavily deducted if failing to provide these.


If you have any questions about these requirements PLEASE EMAIL US


All participants or registered members please note, that all terms and conditions outlined by Withoutabox must be reviewed and agreed to.

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Good luck!

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