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Colortape International Film Festival's Public Relations department (HQ):

General enquiries email:


Participants MUST register online (please click the button below relevant to your region)

For any enquiries regarding the competition please provide your film title, and tracking number (obtained from the platform of choice during your registration online).

Please note that you must register to enter our competition on any of te following platforms according to your zone

China and Chinese language films (English subtitles required) please enter here

European based filmmakers have multiple platform choices(English subtitles required) please enter either via

European based filmmakers also enter via Click for Festivals - Connecting Films and Festivals

Fees - To be eligible to participate you must register online with any of the above platforms and provide us with all the information requested (films narrated in languages other than English, must provide subtitles SRT file or be embedded. Also enter as or select foreign films category feature or short ok)

Thank you & Good luck.

Note! We do not accept direct registration via email through the listed emails "as above".


Films format preferred is MP4, HD, less than 1.8Gig (Technical support)

It is solely up to the filmmaker to compress the film (file) as smal as possible and zip it or arj it to make it a small file. 5 points will be deducted if filesn are too large.No exceptions!

Panel of Judges
Addresses cannot be shown due to strict competition rules & company policy.
Canvassing for votes is prohibited and will lead to disqualification. For more info please go to "Jury Info" web page.

Past and present Winners & Runner Ups (click here please)


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