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World Wide Competition from April 2009 — The 2009 Colortape International Commercials Shorts & Film Festival is joining forces with global partners in order to create an international competition which will run in every corner of the globe.

The aim of the competition is to merge the world of amateur and professional commercials and film makers, encouraging students, from media, graphics design, animation, film, IT, marketing and other related fields to enter a unique competition with the help of Colortape International, a privately funded and run organization, who is calling all artists, fans and budding filmmakers to enter their shorts in either commercials (1 minute or less) or short film categories (3.5 minutes or less) that adheres to the themes available each Periodic (quarterly) competition hoping to impress you fellow competitors, general viewers, sponsors and future employers.

“Many people talk about the comparisons between the arts and film, animation or graphics design, actors and filmmakers, the great movies and TV commercials ... well we are done yapping!
COLORTAPE INTERNATIONAL hopes to bring the best and greatest makers of Commercials and Film Shorts together.

The opportunity has arrived for all amateurs and professionals or advanced creative minds to compete at an international level from wherever you are be registering at the COLORTAPE International Film Festival. Our passion for TV commercials, mere logo designs or any forms of digital promotional forms (web or DVD etc) and filmmaking is matched by our passion for marketing - we embrace this new partnership with open arms and look forward to viewing the public’s response to our worldwide competition.

Chief Executive Officer Alexandru Schiller says…
"Colortape International Commercials Shorts & Film Festival competition is a terrific initiative for the world market that provides an opportunity for all creative minds who wish to engage or already work in the areas of graphics design, animation, film & video pre & post production and filmmakers to show the world, the everyday web surfer, the marketing world, future employers and the whole world wide community wherever they are and whatever their interpretation or cultural background might be that we can create a collective pool of ideas, from one corner of the world to the other, and reward those who have great creativity, vision and talent that is beyond ones imagination. It will be intricate or unique. As the chairperson I look forward to viewing as many of the competitions entries as possible."

Deadline for entries (commercial shorts, short films, animation, music videos, documentaries or experimental) varies for each categories. The primary aim of the competition is to start the world’s first commercial’s short with the first Periodic (quarter) Competition to commence on the 1st April 2009 then followed by Short Film by the following year.

April 1st and the top twelve commercials shorts and/or short films to be screened on a dedicated website and at a special event during Colortape International’s Perth festival between

November 2009 -January 2010.
After the screening, the special awards ceremony will be held to announce and award ALL Prizes for all eligible winners in every region (zone A,B,C,D,E & F),
The judging panel will comprise of international pre-selected members from each Panel of Jury from every geographical region (zone) and will participate via direct webcam connection and a number of guests and personalities.
For further information, visit www.colortapeinternational.com
The competition will commence on the 1st April 2009 and the festival will run from 1st November-1st February 2010









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