Welcome to Colortape International Film Festival's 2017/2018 Official Awards & Nominees list! (this is a temp mirror site)

We joyfully announce that the 2017-2018 competition season is now closed. Therefore the 2018-2019 season is open.

2017-2018 Season Winner is the short film, "The Inner Inside"

directed by D Reich

Please note that our competitive seasons runs like the Australia's Financial (Fiscal) Year from 1st July-30th June the following year. The entries received were of high quality which made it very difficult for our judges to choose from. Some varied from small production ran by solo filmmakers to large budgets productions. Scripts from 20 to 200pages. Every single one was judged on its merit in its own category. The quality of films and the filmmakers are getting better and harder to choose from every year.

In 2017 we have received less than 450 high quality entries in mixed categories, much lower than entries received back in 2016/2017 season over 500 entries, and in 2015 when we have received close to 839 entries, in 2013-2014 season we have received over 730 entries. In 2013, we were overvehlmed, as we have received in excess of 880 submissions (large number of script), apparently still one of the largest film competition in the South-East Asia and Pacific region by the number of submissions. Significantly up from previous years. More than a third of the entries were not entered on film platforms such as FilmFreeway nor were Withoutabox submissions in a large percentage, actually more than half (1/2) were students or waved fee entries. The iPOD & iPhone vidlets represented the largest category. There were less than ten (20) Australian entries. So there should be no fear that the local competitors were priviledged in any way. Dear competitors PLEASE wait for your certifcates to be sent via surface mail by the end of April/May.
Please do not congest our email box with inquiries till you receive your certificates by end of July the latest. If you have not received one by July then YES please send us an email. Thank you for your understanding.

2017-2018 Nominees to receive an acknowledgement or a certificate in ALL Categories were:

Cubeman (L. Dombrovszky)

Behind The Cove

Le Grand Destiny


Que Te Preocupa

Good Neighbors

Korean dog meat exposé (15 mins)


The dog meat professionals: South Korea

After the Sewol

In a Dream (Director's Cut)

(Vanlife): Dirtbagging in Joshua Tree National Park

THE BICOASTALS, a Screenplay

Marmo (marble)

Acquired Taste

Tears of the Caterpillars



Things That Go Bump

One Drop of Love

Tidal Waves

"The Trumpet Sounds"

Paint Dry

Bleeding Backs


Jerusalem In Line

In Wonderland

The Man Who Wasn’t Here


A Girl Who Loves A Girl

White Bee

Flowers and a lap of rose

The Kosher Mutiny (Max's Deli Pilot Episode)

Where R U From

A Whole World for a Little World

The Bridge

Now Boarding 2


Developing Destinations


The Biola of the Riau Islands

Resurrection Time Conspiracy - Main Theme

JANE - The Ulster Soldier's Daughter

The Chemistry of Emotions

The Thursday whaler


Hao Wela: The Untold Story of Hot Rodding in Hawai'i


Twilight Prophecy

COMPARTMENTS (D. Koffler, U. Seis)

Welcome to Desert Storm: The Pokerrun 2017

Wild Mind Final draft

Black & White


The Chosen People? A Film about Jewish Identity

Cupid is not a terrorist

New year new




The One I Adore


I Love Happiness

The Exhale

Low Earth Orbit

The Game Partner

May I Cosplay?



The Pitts Circus Family

Melody Makers (95 minute)

You and Me

List is NOT exhausted. If you have received a certificate or award and we ommitted anyone on the list above, please let us know. Thank you.

Dear participant just like in previous years we have asked filmmakers to help us through the social networks with our fundraising efforts to raise more prizes, unfortunately we have not achieved our goals yet. Many filmmakers did not rate or review our festval, nor left a comment on FilmFreeeway platform about our festival. Also we felt tht many did not promote or share our facebook link and most certainly have not shared within your circles of friends, family, and colleagues about your involvement with us. Magazine update: due to low number (2x) orders for hardcopy of the Colortape Film Magazine in which your work is featured, we have cancelled the printing and delivery of hardcopies. the minimum print run is 250 copies, unfortunately we have received ONLY 2 orders from filmmakers this year. All orders (payments) sent to us will be re-imbursed in the next 30 days. A cheque or paypal transfer will be made to your account by April. Sorry for the cinconvenience. you will still receive a softcopie in PDF format for FREE via email as soon as is ready by April. Since our web attack issue and affected communication on our servers we would not dare ask of you to give us a review on the FilmFreeway site. Hoping to improve our web site security for next season's entries

Special thanks goes to FilmFreeway for their fantastic service and web site, a truly professional platform aimed to help film festivals around the world! THANK YOU!

Important message about Screening of your films this year: Due to ongoing negotiations with venue operators (cinema and outdoor facilities), ongoing negotiation with the local shires & Councils, ongoing negotiations with insurance companies over public liability and indemnity covers, and more importantly ongoing negotiations with the Australian Justice Department over Classifications of your films (approval for screeining outdoor, in an uncontrolled environment) with many shires having many restrictions according to local shire laws we are still working on when, where and which films will be suited to be screened at any particular venue or event (eg: outdoor). Hence, no decission has been made yet. We will notify you once we know the details. It is possible that we may screen closer to the end of the year, as the weather currently is wet and cold in South East Queensland. A more suitable condition and time needs to be found too beside all the issues already mentioned. Screening events, times and locations, dates etc will be updated closer to event screening dates and the information will be placed at www.colortapeinternational.com/event.htm

Due to hosting server issues (hack) PLEASE DO NOT click on any hyperlinks listed on this page as they may not work, please check again at later date hoping the web site has been repaired by then. We appologize for any inconvenience, site repairs are underway.

Special thanks goes to FilmFreeway for their fantastic web site, a truly professional platform aimed to help film festivals around the world! THANK YOU!

Once again we CONGRATULATE ALL NOMINEES in ALL categories for submitting outstanding films, animations and scripts.

Thank you ALL for your support and for submitting your work in our festival. Allow us to thank all volunteers and special guests, from individual to corporate entities and government agencies supporting arts film and film festival events in this state.

Note: we seek sponsors, judges in each region, administration volunteer staff and many others. Please apply within (send us an EOI).


Participants MUST register online (please click the button below relevant to your region)

For any enquiries regarding the competition please provide your film title, and tracking number (obtained from the platform of choice during your registration online).

Please note that you must register to enter our competition on any of te following platforms according to your zone

European based filmmakers have multiple platform choices(English subtitles required) please enter either via Festhome.com

European based filmmakers also enter via Click4Festivals.com Click for Festivals - Connecting Films and Festivals

US, Canada, Central and South American countries may submit here

China and Chinese language films (English subtitles required) please enter here

Fees - To be eligible to participate you must register online with any of the above platforms and provide us with all the information requested (films narrated in languages other than English, must provide subtitles SRT file or be embedded. Also enter as or select foreign films category feature or short ok)

Thank you & Good luck.

Note! Colortape International Film Festival also is seeking corporate sponsors. Anyone interested in sponsorship packages please contact us via email at colortape@gmail.com and write in the subject line: "Sponsorship Enquiry". Thank you for your support.

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