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We joyfully announce that the 2021 film competition is now closed. We thank ALL participants and submissions this year!


2021 Top 100 Runner Ups and Nominees

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Past Awards - 2019


Welcome to Colortape International Film Festival's Nominees Page!

We joyfully announce that the 2018-2019 competition season is now closed. Therefore the 2019-2020 seson is open. Please note that our competitive seasons in the pas ran like the Australia's Financial (Fiscal) Year from 1st July-30th June the following year, BUT from this year we will run the competition from January-December. The entries received were of high quality which made it very difficult for our judges just like in previous years, to choose from. Some varied from small production ran by solo filmmakers to large budgets productions houses. Scripts from 20 to 200pages. Every single submission in every category was judged on its merit in its own category and where it allowed us in multiple categories as well. The quality of films and the filmmakers are getting better and harder to select every year. In 2019 we have received over 260 quality entries in mixed cultural and genre categories, much lower than entries received bac in 2015 and 2017 when we have received close to 839 and 375 entries respectively. Apparently Colortape is still the only South-East Asia and Pacific film festival in the region to reward all entries. Note: that local competitors were NOT priviledged in any way in comparison with foreign entries. Dear competitors PLEASE wait for your certifcates to arrive via email (PDF electronic format) by the end of December. Those who would like order a hardcopy authentic certificate, may do so via PayPal at colortape@gmail.com (colortape(at)gmail.com for an AUD$18 fee which will include postage (approx. $9). When ordering PLEASE do not forget to state "order certificate" and include your name, your email address, the title of your film/script, and the correct postal address (incl. zip code and country). Thank you.

Please do not congest our email boxes with inquiries till you receive your certificates by end of December the latest. If you have not received one as attachment in your email (pdf format) then YES by all means please send us an email a.s.a.p.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

2019 Winner is "Lengemesek 2 Tel A Nadtengeren" directed by Zsolt Palfi (Hungary)

2018-2019 TOP100 Nominees in ALL Categories were: (More links and listing please click here) (Link 1) (Link 2) (Link 3) (Listing)

2018 Winners and Runner Ups

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2017 Winners and Runner Ups

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We joyfully announce that 2015's Competition is now closed. The entries received were of high quality which made it very difficult for our judges to choose from. Some varied from small production ran by solo filmmakers to large budgets productions. Scripts from 20 to 200pages. Every single one was judged on its merit in its own category. The filmmakers are getting better and harder to choose from every year. In 2015 we have received close to 480 entries, significantly down from previous years. Possibly due to the fact that we have moved away from partnership with Withoutabox. Also InkTip has not come on board as a sponsor. In 2014 we have received over 730 entries. In 2013, we were overvehlmed, as we have received in excess of 880 submissions. More than half (50%) of the entries were Non-Withoutabox submissions and a large percentage, actually more than half (1/2) were students or waved fee entries. The iPOD & iPhone vidlets represented the largest category.

2015 Winners & Runner Ups were:

2015 Winner is: "Dash or Daesh?" - a documentary from Turkey/Syria

2nd Place: "Woman in Red" - TV Commercial from EU

3rd Place: "Narcis" - a drama packed action movie from Phillipines/Germany

Special Mention: "Rain Lotus" - Animation from China

Online Votes (highly rated) & Viewers Choice were noted amongst others: "Face to Face (60 Mines)" - from Taiwan, "Wonder Mama" - from Hong Kong, "Wong Ka Yan" - from South Korea, "Fabric Cosmos" - from China, "Hibernum' - from Canada, 'Blue Desert" - from Brazil, "Fåån" - from Sweden, "Hopscotch" - from India, "Qualia"' - from USA, "Descent' - from UK, "With Time" - from UAE, "Materia"" - from Russian Federation, Australia's own "Lucent" and many others

Script category winner is: "Tracing the Holy Grail" by Zoltan Brodacs. Note: there were over sixty entries this year, a large number of scripts entered are investigated for copyright infringements and plagiarism. Including a runner up in top 3. Some scripts were considered not genuine, for example similarities were noted with the follwoing well known scripts: "Breaking Bad"®© and "Spectre'®© The sorting out and investigative process took a long time, was time consuming and tireing, and has taken the toll on us. Since we are running a film competition, we just provide this as an added opportunty to writers. Be considerate towards others and do not cheat. Thank you for your understanding.

Script writers worth mentioning and chosen in top 16 were amongst others: David Perkins "Text messages to God", "Hitler's Astrologer", "Michoacan story", "Nisei Legacy", Edith Woi's screenplay "Elizabeth Bennett is dead", Alan Long's "The delivery man", Aisling Corristine's screenplay "Reuben the hood", Randy Hatch's "A world turned updisde down", "Angels night" by Shahid Muhhamed, the impressive "Heart of a family" and "Jasper" by Sharon Duncan, "Loveband" by Nicola Pedrozzi, Australias rising and promising writers, Lisa Riley with the title: "The curse", Steven Prowse's title "The night witches", Carolyn Wagner's screenplay "Hearts" amongst others.

Special thanks goes to FilmFreeway for their fantastic web site, a truly professional platform aimed to help film festivals around the world! THANK YOU!

2014 Winner: "Suffering Egyptians "

2nd Place: "Imparjia Dance"

3rd Place: "Pogo Stock"

How did you get your film/script/animation judged (click here please).


2013 Nominees, Winners & Runner Up were:

Winner: "My weekend at Firiza, Cernobyl Clouds" By Mara production (Non-Withoutabox entry)

2nd Place: "Ost" By Kranzt Films (Non-Withouabox entry)

3rd Place: "Travelling through USA" By Rod Collins(Non-Withoutabox entry)

Nominees in various categories:

Day Tripper

Beyond the Grave

The Worm Eaters


Where the catwalk end

Time and Space

The naked leading the blind


Albert & Juliet

Vangeance + Vengeance

The Last page

Global Tides

Chinese Burns

La Perla de Jorge


Do Not Disturb

La Storia di Sonia

Dead Story (Historia Muerte)

A Place like this

Villa Greta

The K Effect


Baking Boys

Boule de suif

Busking Hamburg

LA Aboiginal

Imperial Oddyesy

Apartment 15

Pillow Girl


No to Dictatorship

Old Angel

The Ordinary Life of an Unwilling All-American "Exotic"

Then An Awakening

Cold Turkey


In the clinch of old lies


Dreadful Sorry


I'll Be Your Mirror

King Tigermore In Strawberry Fields

Party Politics

Penguin Island

Rose, Mary and Time

Running with Demons

Stand-Up: A Documentary by Jennifer Darwin


The Children Next Door

The Duck Hunter

The Photoshoot


The Dissapearance of Lyle Humpries

Naagahaan, Zinat



Regresie -"Regression"

Spaghetti Fur Zwei

O Pesar da Duvida



The Ouroboros Escape


Happily Ever After

Sky Chaos

L’infanzia di Orlando

Who Killed Johnny

Nai River

The Glamorous Lie


The Mailman

More than two hours

List is NOT exhausted. If we ommitted anyone please let us know.

Thank you ALL for submitting your work in our festival. Also thank you for your support. Please help us grow this festival. Spread the word around for us. Allow us to thank all our sponsors, volunteers and special guests, from individual to corporate entities. Special thanks for our partner, Withoutabox.

Note: we seek sponsors, judges in each region, administration volunteer staff and many others

Seeking Sponsors!

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Participants MUST register online (please click the button below relevant to your region)

For any enquiries regarding the competition please provide your film title, and tracking number (obtained from the platform of choice during your registration online).

Please note that you must register to enter our competition on any of te following platforms according to your zone

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Fees - To be eligible to participate you must register online with any of the above platforms and provide us with all the information requested (films narrated in languages other than English, must provide subtitles SRT file or be embedded. Also enter as or select foreign films category feature or short ok)

Thank you & Good luck.

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