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Welcome to Colortape International Film Festival!

Our goal is to help independent filmmakers, artists and musicians showcase their work and get exposure from major studios and industry professionals. The festival currently does not have a working budget despite ongoing costs to keep the festival afloat, there ar a number or cost related expenses such as: venue rentals, advertising, registration fees, general festival expenditures and operating costs. The board members, judges, and festival staff are all volunteers who donate their time to help make the festival a success and for their love of art, cinema and music. The festival relies on the generosity of individuals, advertising in the festival program and corporate sponsorships. If you are unable to attend our festival and wish to make a donation to help support the creativity of filmmakers, or you like arts, your generous donation will be greatly appreciated. All donations and contributions are tax deductible. Donations can be made by check, money order, or through the PayPal link by clicking here (PayPal Donations).Thank you for your support.

Alternatively please make checks or money orders payable to:

Colortape International [CIFF]

479 Mt Petrie Rd,

McKenzie, Brisbane 4156, Australia

Seeking Sponsors!

Hence, we are seeking individuals, organizations or agencies to raise funds in any part of the world.
They must have experience or specializes in fund raising or advertising/marketing area, and must be able to prepare a little business plan and canvass on our behalf seeking sponsors for our business idea.
Willing to share part of the raised funds with the right person/group, a generous profit-share (from the sponsorship deal) can be negotiated. When an interested party will become a sponsor or donor of the Colortape International Film Festival competition, the opportunity rises for the investor to gain revenue from advertising their products or services be it ether by us the organizers of the festival allowing them to place on-line promotions, such as banners or flash style animation promo or large signs can be placed at festivals in particular countries or cities where the festival takes place.
Alternatively, apart from cash funds sponsors can offer books, on-line courses, signed memorabilia, or a free on-line subscription to a magazine, free tutorials anything that we can reward filmmakers with, for their hard work.
Although there are many other opportunities and options we could do together, not sure if you are willing to do it on without any financial gain at the beginning.

By "Sponsors" we meant, anyone that could provide anything we could offer entrants to the competition,
be it either books, on-line courses, signed memorabilia, or a free on-line subscription to a magazine or free tutorials, cash funds etc

We are looking at a short & long term, like raising money for awards and ops costs to run the festival, and future growth & development, through giving some of the following incentives too future sponsors or investors:

• reservation / allocation of a "Chair" on the panel of jury (depends on the level of sponsorship - money injected into the festival) - at a cost (per cost)
• Red Carpet premier sponsorship locally allowing free advertising rights as part of the deal can be selective here (suburb or area, CBD, state level, by national level, ultimately other international regions)-per cost
• broadcasting (on-line web casting or Pay-TV) rights in the future even if will be an on-line event - per cost
• Right to choose a Theme for any competition category - per cost
• Right to choose the Winner (level of sponsorship ought to be higher, at highest price possible),
• Right o Choose Runner Ups at a higher cost (value of sponsorship ought to be higher)
• Opportunity to place adverts on film festival's web site
• Opportunity for sponsors to place their logo or name or details on Festival's Posters or other advertising material
• Opportunity for an investor to buy the franchise rights in a pre-selected city/state or country/region - this would be a mega deal sponsorship rights
• Many other opportunities - list is not exhausted.
• Future other possibilities for sponsors can be made when available at the time of the comp (such as: geographical zone specific, city, country specific, time specific-length of promo). The advertising options could range from demographic groups to different zones (countries) therefore there are lots of opportunities to sponsor a particular film category, particular theme can be chosen by the sponsor - depending on the level of sponsorship and deal made with the founder of the festival and agent) or particular city where the festival takes place.

The film festival (technical aspects & administration side) is about to be launched in cooperation with Amazon.com's arm, IMDB. The largest film marketing group in the world.

Hence, we are looking for sponsors to help us award entrants/participants in the large number of entries/ categories.

Listed in the Colortape International Film Festival. A quick preview of the competition and category you might be interested in, can be found by clicking on the link below

If you can help us or are interested please email us to:

Thank you.

Note! Colortape International Film Festival also is seeking for corporate sponsors. Anyone interested in sponsorship packages pleasecontact us via email at info@iops.com.au and write in the subject line: "Sponsorship Enquiry". Thank you for your support.

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