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To read more information about each category or competitions click on hyperlinks below to direct you to your selection.


To read more information about each category or competitions click on hyperlinks below to direct you to your selection.

Participants MUST register online (please click the button below relevant to your region)

For any enquiries regarding the competition please provide your film title, and tracking number (obtained from the platform of choice during your registration online).

Please note that you must register to enter our competition on any of te following platforms according to your zone

European based filmmakers have multiple platform choices(English subtitles required) please enter either via Festhome.com

European based filmmakers also enter via Click4Festivals.com Click for Festivals - Connecting Films and Festivals

US, Canada, Central and South American countries may submit here

China and Chinese language films (English subtitles required) please enter here

Fees - To be eligible to participate you must register online with any of the above platforms and provide us with all the information requested (films narrated in languages other than English, must provide subtitles SRT file or be embedded. Also enter as or select foreign films category feature or short ok)

Thank you & Good luck.

Note! We do not accept direct registration via email through the listed emails "as above".


Films format preferred is MP4, HD, less than 1.8Gig (due to technical issues, data tarvelling distance)

It is solely up to the filmmaker to compress the film (file) as small as possible and zip it or arj it to make it a small file. 5 points will be deducted if filesn are too large.No exceptions!

Events Screening Dates and Times :: Screening Events Schedule (Outdoor)


Feature films, Short Films, Students and Experimental (for Queensland participants only), 2D & 3D animations, musical videos, documentaries, best chromakey montage scene, best scripts, best storyboard, best WAP (mobile) promos, best iPOD (ads), best subliminal advert competition, best logo design, best banner or lower third, funniest Engrish promo,best graphics design & artwork, best cinematography and all other competitions listed online.

Feature Film Competition (for making a feature film any length)

Foreign Film Competition (making a Non-English language film any length, subtitles MUST be in English language)

Short Film Competition (for making a short film -20 minutes length including credits, upload online)

Queensland based Student and Experimental filmmakers Film Competition Only participants residing in Queensland can submit films in this category, can be made on any format (eg: iphone, ipad, cam), any length or genre. Student Fees apply(discounted rate)

Chromakey Composition Competition (making of a montage scene using the Chromakey technique in your films)

Please note! Submissions are accepted all year round.


Other competitions - Main category

0-60 Seconds Commercials Competition (make a commercial or promo advertisement for less than 1 minute)


Subliminal Advertising Competition (for making a 0-60 Second Subliminal Commercial)

0-60 Seconds Funniest Engrish Advertisement Competition (click on hyperlink to see more info here)

0-60 Seconds Logo Design Competition (filmed in High Definition) 

0-60 Seconds Animation Competition (2D &3D animation, or stop motion test, paper cut-out animation, flash)

 0-60 Seconds WAP (Mobile) Ads Competition (making of a WAP Ad) ,

0-60 Seconds iPOD Ads Competition (making of an iPOD Ad),

Advertisement Short Film Competition (advertising & marketing ONLY theme/synopsis based 
must be 30minutes max. including credits)

Storyboard based on a Script Idea Competition (initially made for a 0-60 Second Commercial),

 Lower Third Banner Competition (initially made for a 0-60 Second Commercial Promo / Advertisement),

Chromakey Composition Competition (making of a montage scene for commercial using the Chromakey technique)

Script Competition (for writing a Script)

Past & present 'Winners & Runner Ups' (click here please)

Colortape Film Magazine for Filmmakers (PDF file preview, site under construction in 2016) (click here please)

The magazine was put together by us and features biographies, or a short synopsis, posters and photos about films submitted in our festival. Those who would like to feature in our magazine, please send us a short 300 word synopsis of your film/script/animation/docos please send us an email requesting to be included. FREE softcopy (pdf file) can be provided to those who participated in our festival. If you would like to order FREE copy please send us an email requesting a softcopy (pdf file). Note is FREE ONLY to those who participated in our festival. Alternatively, we will have hardcopies available by middle of this year for an approximate price of AUD$14 + Postage (please inquire within), order can be placed vi email. Thank you for supporting our magazine.

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