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"The process: How will my film be judged, marked & selected"?

Judging will be done by a random allocation, random selection of submitted films which will be passed on to a panel of judges
or a randomly selected judge on the panel, or to the available judge who has a lesser number of films to score. Depending on availability.

Once each judge or panel selects the film that they think it can progress further n the competition then the film goes back in the pool of films (numbers limited depending on the stage of selection-E.G. top 128 also referred to 64th finals, or top 64 also referred to as 32nd final, top 32 or 16th finals, top 16 also referred to as 8th finals, top 8 also referred to as quarter finals, top 4 referred to as semi-finals, and top 2 the actual finalists).

Who makes each stage of finals depends on the panel or selectors, based on merit/points accumulated during the selection process.

Note: at each stage of selection the film is passed to another judge or panel than the one marked the film in the previous stage. So at every stage the film is viewed by another judge and gradually more points are added to the total score.

The public's points then are added to total points scored by the filmmaker not earlier than reaching the the top 16 (8th finals) and reviewed at every stage as the film progresses towards the finals.

Once in the finals (top 2) on top of the score (points) these are the additional votes will be awarded:

  • one vote is to be cast and reserved for the fonder of the competition (or authorized representative in absence of the founder)
  • one vote will be cast by either a single sponsor (usually a business representative, be it either a small business or larger organization),
  • one vote will be cast by an Ethics & Censorship Committee or member (Classification board), if available the the time
  • one vote in the finals will be cast by either a Celebrity persona or a Famous Artist (Special Invite-EG: actor, musician, band) subject to availability at the time of the competition

    Depending on the zone region where the film will be screened (possible a film could be screened simultaneously in a number of countries - what we aim for in the future once our competition will grow, then a regional voter in that particular country will also cast a vote (subject to availability)

  • What else Judges had to consider where marking your submissions

    As the festival is running simultaneously in a number of regions, countries from Australian continent (in 2 timee zones, at least 2 states in the West and East), Asia to Europe, we need hard copies such as DVDs or Blu Ray disc or both. Due to technical reasons and logstics involved, in many countries our judges or even public audience cannot view "Online" submissions. Also we cannot allow access to every member of hte public to access the database online due to security reasosn and to protect our system. The "Online" feature on Wihoutabox i misunderstood by many filmmakers. Note: filmmakers who submit ONLY online without sending us DVD/BluRay discs are heavily marked down. We need you to send your films via surface mail to us, so we can use it for public screeing (meaning you will earn extra points from the viewers too) all these points eventually will accumulate and give you a higher number of point eventually. We prefer viewing, judging and archiving either formats: DCP, including English subtitled DCP for the screening, DVD or BluRay discs.The DVDs/BluRay / DCP - MUST have the right to be shown in public.

    Also we judge films from pre & post-production, DVD authoring, cover design, print, title etc and award points for presentation from a marketing point of view.

    Therefore, as any film festival our nominated judges will give extra points to professionally presented film from ALL aspects. Thus include (list not excluded):

  • * DVD Cover (inner and outer)

  • * English subtitles. Subtitles judged on (ease of reading) for example

  • * Jewel Box insert/print

  • * Audio (Surround sound / Dolby for example)

  • * Creative Graphics & Text Design on DVD covers etc.

  • * Media Kit - Posters, Leaflets, Brochures filmmakers will get extra points for submitting these

  • * Submission marked: "Allowed for Public Screening" will get an extra point automatically

  • * Correct & full contact details will add one point. Director's name, title of the film/animation/script and reply addres will earn you an extra point!

  • Remember: Our judges could be professionals in the media & marketing industry who will look at every aspect of the presentation from a marketing point of view too.

    As for online submissions, it cannot be played for public because the streaming is often unreliable, the last thing a judge/viewer/public wants is to watch a broken link or slow film. Not to mention the time lost by the presenter/organizers (or technicians) who setup the hardware at public events. It causes downtime and loss of a quality program.

    Hence, we prefer to play directly from a more reliable source such as DCP (English subtitles provided), a DVD or BluRay or even AVI or MPEG2 file on a USB stick. The DVDs/BluRay / DCP - MUST have the right to be shown in public.

    Considering ALL the above, and other too many to list technical and administration reasons, we'd recommend EVERY filmmaker to submit their best material/work.

    Regular air mail is fine. PLEASE Do NOT send DHL, USP or other registered mail. It is expensive and requires our staff to run to the post office for every single submision as we need to sign for them (you can imagine if we process over 800 titles what it can cause us). We just dont have enough staff and time to do that.

    Your film could feature in either of the following cities: Shanghai, Beijing, Manila, Bangkok, Ho Chi Min, Jakarta/Bali, Budapest, Seoul, Brisbane, Baia-Mare (EU), Singapore or Perth. Amongst others.

    Hope these answered some of your queries. Thank you.

Although we are in the early stages of fine tuning the selection process and scoring system, we thought that this would be the fairest way and most neutral way to score filmmakers.

That's one of the reasons why our festival was born. To give everyone a fair chance and a slight recognition to ALL filmmakers, whether they win or not.

To be fair to ALL competitors and to prevent direct vote canvassing participants will not be allowed to contact or obtain contact details of any of the judges on any panel.

Any attempt to do so will disqualify the member or registered participant at ALL competitive levels. Shall be described as a “Crib Disqualification”.

If a registered participant or competition entrant (in any category) is a family relative or close friend of any of the judges MUST notify 'us' by writing an official letter of notice to Colortape International Film Festival, attention to: CEO or Committee Members (use the appropriate zone's email address listed in the Contact Us section) in which the participant/member will need to describe the nature of the relationship with any respective judge on their panel or respective zone and we shall delegate the voting or selection to a neutral judge on another panel/zone.

Zone Category
ZONE 1: U.S., Canada, U.S. Territories, Bermuda
ZONE 2: Japan, Europe, South Africa, and Middle East (including Egypt)
ZONE 3: Southeast Asia and East Asia (including Hong Kong)
ZONE 4: Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Central America, Mexico, South America, and the Caribbean
ZONE 5: Eastern Europe (Former Soviet Union), Indian subcontinent, Africa, North Korea, and Mongolia
ZONE 6: China
How did Colortape International form these Zones? And Why are each countries classed in these particular zones?

For more information please read more information on DVD Region Coding (click here)

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