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Note! Canvassing for votes prohibited!


An anonymous panel of judges will be randomly selected (five to seven members in the jury panel) in each country (country level) then from each country for the geographical zone, but not necessarily from one particular country. The panel will be made up randomly by invited guests from the media, TV, education, IT, arts, manufacturing and other industries, services & goods providers, festival reprezentatives, and ocassional celebrities will be included from time to time.

Note: each zone's panel of judges will have a coordinator who will chair the panel. The coordinator has limited voting power (in the absence of a judge) and will liaison with other judges or panels and will carry out mostly administration work. Judges will represent their particular country in which they reside and the zone where they belong.

Once entered the competition submitted films will be chosen by judges from ther particular country or zone, in the following way:
1. In each Country of Origin judges will nominate or choose the winners and runner-ups (1st 2nd 3rd place), in every film category
2. In each Zone judges will pre-select the first three participants (winner & runner ups, in otherwords the 1st 2nd & 3rd placed) from a pool of countries which belongs to that particular zone.

Participants will be judged on merit, creativity & technical details. More points will be awarded based on a film analysis conducted by the judges, with emphasis to be placed on the following criteria: filmmaker's application of the rule of thirds, correct TV color application (RGB)and color correction in post production, camera handling, HD aspect ratio, directing of film, attention to details such as: continuity, line of action, choreography, DOP work, filming composition shots difficulty degree, eg: aerial or crane shot used, non-linear editing, acting, sound & talent voice overs, SFX, VFX, animation, lighting application relevant to particular scenes - low key & high key, chromakeying montage techniques used, if applicable, dogma & film noir techniques used, if any, locations - if permits were required and obtained, and many other artistic & technical areas. The Budget used! Very important to remember: the pre-seleced top five (5) fillmakers, may have to provide a brief explanation about the budget they had to work with and how they have achieved their target.

Once our festival receives a Secure Online Screener submission our judges can view the submitted films & vote either online or by watching the submitted DVD'S or Blu-Ray media in confidentility and they will rate them to the best of their ability on a scale from 1-5 stars (5 best, 1 lowest) each submitted film. More info on "The process: How will my film be judged, marked & selected"? (please click here)

This Year's Winners & Runner Ups (click here please)

For the "Finals" the juges will pre-select the top 8 films (Quarter Finalists), then these selected films or vidlets will be released to the public for preview and be voted by the public.Once the public's votes are counted and considered, the judges will make the final consideration and decide the top 3 places. The winner, and runner ups - 2nd & 3rd places will be decided b the total number & highest points received leading to the finals stage, and they will get a decisive vote from the following:

  • one vote is reserved for the fonder of the competition (or authorized representative in absence of the founder)
  • one vote will be cast by either a single sponsor (usually a business representative, be it either a small business or larger organization),
  • one vote will be cast by an Ethics & Censorship Committee or member (Classification board), if available the the time
  • one vote in the finals will be cast by either a Celebrity persona or a Famous Artist (Special Invite-EG: actor, musician, band) subject to availability at the time of the competition
    Depending on the zone region where the film will be screened (possible a film could be screened simultaneously in a number of countries - what we aim for in the future once our competition will grow, then a regional representative in that particular country will also cast a vote (subject to availability & nomination at the time)

Although we are in the early stages of fine tunning the selection process and scoring system, we thought that this would be the fairest way and most neutral way to score filmmakers. That's one of the reasons why our festival was born. to give everyone a fair chance and a slight recognition to ALL filmmakers, whether they win or not.

Each zone will be made up of respective countries belonging to their regions DVD codes (see below DVD region codes)

Zone 1 or Zone A, Zone 2 or B, Zone 3 or C, Zone 4 or D, Zone 5 or E, Zone 6 or F


To be fair to ALL competitors and to prevent direct vote canvassing participants will not be allowed to contact or obtain contact details of any of the judges on any panel.

Any attempt to do so will disqualify the member or registered participant at ALL competitive levels. Shall be described as a “Crib Disqualification”.

If a registered participant or competition entrant (in any category) is a family relative or close friend of any of the judges MUST notify 'us' by writing an official letter of notice to Colortape International Film Festival, attention to: CEO or Committee Members (use the appropriate zone's email address listed in the Contact Us section) in which the participant/member will need to describe the nature of the relationship with any respective judge on their panel or respective zone and we shall delegate the voting or selection to a neutral judge on another panel/zone.

Zone Category
ZONE 1: U.S., Canada, U.S. Territories, Bermuda
ZONE 2: Japan, Europe, South Africa, and Middle East (including Egypt)
ZONE 3: Southeast Asia and East Asia (including Hong Kong)
ZONE 4: Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Central America, Mexico, South America, and the Caribbean
ZONE 5: Eastern Europe (Former Soviet Union), Indian subcontinent, Africa, North Korea, and Mongolia
ZONE 6: China
How did Colortape International form these Zones? And Why are each countries classed in these particular zones?

For more information please read more information on DVD Region Coding (click here)

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