Competitions and Categories


Feature Films Competition(Foreign category included)

Short Films Competition(Foreign shorts included)

Musical Video. Solo/Group/Choreography/Dance/Score/SFX Categories Any Musical Related Video (We will submit into many categories)

Story Telling Competition Category

Documentaries Category

Subliminal Advertising Competition (for making a 0-60 Second Subliminal Commercial)

0-60 Seconds TV Commercials (Promo, Web) Competition

0-60 Seconds Funniest Engrish Advertisement Competition

0-60 Seconds Commercial Script Competition TV Promos (for making a 0-60 Second Commercial)

0-60 Seconds Logo Design in High Definition  Competition

0-60 Seconds 3D-High Definition Animation Competition (making of a 3D animation in HD)

Comic Drawings Comic Drawings

 0-60 Seconds WAP (Mobile) Ads Competition (making of a WAP Ad) ,

0-60 Seconds iPOD Ads Competition (making of an iPOD Ad)

Advertisement Short Film Competition (advertising & marketing ONLY theme/synopsis based 
must be 30min max. including credits)

Storyboard based on a Script Idea Competition

 Commercial Banner or Lower Third Banner  Competition (made for Promo, Newsread etc),

Chromakey Composition Competition (making of a commercial using the Chromakey technique)

See Some of the Rules, Terms and Conditions Rules, Terms and Conditions

Note! Colortape International will endeavor, to reward and notify on time every filmmaker on the progress of the submitted work. We are a Not-For-Profit organization, hence screenings are FREE for the local audience and public.

Filmmakers may submit through various world wide platform and our 3rd partners throughout the year! Depending on your location/geographical zone, the choice is yours! Best of luck and keep those films coming

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