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    WAP Video (Mobile) Advertising Competition


Make a WAP Vidlet clip for use in advertising for mobile phones. Any promo in any format and suitable length is welcome!

Read the info on mobile advertising to help you make the right decission, right format and right choices before you are producing it!

Mobile Advertising Market

Mobile phones have become a part of every human’s daily life. Recently, technology giants such as Microsoft and Google have launched into the emerging Mobile Advertising market to pursue a piece of the mobile ad revenue pie. From a subscribers viewpoint the most popular and simultaneously annoying method of advertising for subscribers is SMS advertising. Advertisers run ad campaigns with varying ad types; text, fullscreen or banner ads to target different age demographics, gender and location statistics obtained from user profile information. This targeting method is accomplished through various mediums such as WAP, SMS, MMS and also through mobile email client applications such as Consilient Push.

WAP advertising is one of the break-out advertising mediums as many subscribers use their mobile phones for internet access due to competitive and very affordable data plans offered by their mobile carriers. The traffic generated on each carrier’s WAP portal is now much higher than any other medium which leads to a high revenue generating source.

WAP advertising Technology

The mobile advertising technology used to deliver ads to the subscriber has grown quite sophisticated, allowing advertisers to target specific users by numerous targeting parameters to deliver a much more focused advertising campaign. When the subscriber visits the carrier’s WAP portal page, the WAP gateway communicates with the ad server and obtains the ad image source URL and then sends this information to the mobile device for the device browser to make a request to fetch the image source of the ad. The advertisements are served with varying types of user actions for that particular ad. Click-to actions can include: Click To Call, Click To Email, Click To SMS, Click To Browse, Click To Download and Click To Chat. Also the ads will be served based on a priority ranking system. In addition, the advertiser’s budget capping for impressions and clicks will also be taken into account, set by the advertiser for each of their advertisements.

Mobile Advertising is an emerging potential revenue market.

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