iPOD Advertising Competition


Make an iPOD Vidlet clip for use in advertising for iPODs. Any promo in any format and suitable length is welcome!

The iPod is the undisputed king of the portable media player market. With almost 50 million units sold worldwide, the iPod has a 90% market share in the hard disk-based media players. Whether it’s the snack-sized iPod Shuffle, the gourmet iPod Nano, or the super-sized iPod video, there is a flavor to satisfy every customer. If you are generating audio or video content for any type of distribution you must include this device on menu of options.

Since iPod's being such a groundbreaking innovation we would like to see more promos or vidlets made for this device.

When one sees dark silhouetted figures dancing against bright-colored backgrounds, the iPod instantly comes to mind. Few other brands out there can claim to have such a level of recognition among consumers.

Filmmakers can make any kind of promo, musical videos or whatever you wish. See more tips below.
Must be compatible with ALL iPOD models.


All participants or registered members please note, that all terms and conditions outlined by Withoutabox must be reviewed and agreed to


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Before we jump into recipes the content itself, let’s talk a little bit about what customers are clamoring to enjoy and how they consume this media. The extremes appear to be moving further apart in content for the iPod audio and iPod video , with the most popular content appearing to be either under 5 minutes and very short (the latest Top 40 hit, a video podcast from despair, Inc., or < King Burger Whopperettes the of making>) or 30-45 minutes and longer (more than 10 hours of 2006 NBA Finals highlights, an 80-minute America’s Funniest Home Videos Battle of the Best episode, or the audiobook version of The Devil Wears Prada).

These two extremes are important to realize when planning your content for a mobile society. Most people consume their media while traveling from one place to another (or at least there’s the illusion of travel for those folks on the treadmill). Keeping the media very short for a quick car ride or a bite-size snippet in between phone calls is just as important as making it full length with extras and deleted scenes for the long subway ride home or the flight to Europe.

The leader in serving up media for the iPod is iTunes. With cross-platform compatibility, this restaurant for the iPod serves up a variety of free and paid content that can satisfy even the most discriminating palate. There are also more and more sites offering iPod-ready files to download and move to our device. Whether it’s an audio podcast in MP3 format or the latest TV commercial in MPEG-4 format, we are seeing a sharp increase in independent sites offering content specifically for the iPod.

How to make iPOD Video
Creating video for the iPod is very simple with Apple’s new set of iLife 06 tools.Could use video shot on any video camera and iMovie HD to build a simple iPod video. Open iMovie and select New File and MP4 file formatting as the default encoding. Plug in your camera via FireWire and you'll be able to instantly upload your video by pressing the Import button in the view area.

iMovie can recognise the brand and model number of your video camera. After a few editing tweaks and some sizzle, thanks to iMovie’s rather nice title options, you should be ready to serve your iPod video. Select File-->Export, and it opens up an option window with multiple output formats. There is a tab just for the iPod and it renders out the video as an MPEG-4 video file, 320x240 at 30 frames per second using H.264/AVC video and 44.100kHz AAC stereo audio encoding. It even automatically puts it into iTunes and opens it up for me when it has rendered out the file. Next time you hook up my iPod, then you can drag and drop this onto your video iPod, or it will upload automatically if I have iTunes’ automatic update option selected.

Once you have created these scrumptious media files, it’s time to share them with your guests and hope they come back for seconds. You can submit content to iTunes or you can host the files and supply links to the hungry masses. With the "giant's" grip on the mobile media marketplace, creating content for the iPod is no longer a novel idea but a necessity. Remember to keep the content short or in-depth and build your media for your target audience’s transit time. With more devices and ideas on the horizon I am sure you will be cooking up content for iPods for years to come.

Good luck!

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