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    2D & 3D Animation Competition


2D & 3D Animation

Entries are open for this category, submission can be 3D, character animations in any medium, from CG animation (Maya, 3DS Max, Blender, Animation:Master, etc.) to traditional 2D animation to stop-motion. Feedback and criticism will make your animation stronger! See below requirements section.

All participants or registered members please note, that all terms and conditions outlined by our partners must be reviewed and agreed to

Participants MUST register online (please click the button below relevant to your region)

For any enquiries regarding the competition please provide your film title, and tracking number (obtained from the platform of choice during your registration online).

Please note that you must register to enter our competition on any of te following platforms according to your zone

European based filmmakers have multiple platform choices(English subtitles required) please enter either via

European based filmmakers also enter via Click for Festivals

US, Canada, Central and South American countries may submit here

Entries from China and Chinese language films (English subtitles required) please enter here

Fees - To be eligible to participate you must register online with any of the above platforms and provide us with all the information requested (films narrated in languages other than English, must provide subtitles SRT file or be embedded. Also enter as or select foreign films category feature or short ok)

Thank you & Good luck.

Note! We do not accept direct registration via email through the listed emails "as above".


Films format preferred is MP4, HD, less than 1.8Gig (due to technical issues)

It is solely up to the filmmaker to compress the film (file) as small as possible and zip it or arj it to make it a small file. 5 points will be deducted if filesn are too large.No exceptions!

Events Screening Dates and Times :: Screening Events Schedule (Outdoor)

Reasons to Enter Animation Competitions
There are a growing number of animation competitions opening up on the web. And regardless of whether you are a hobbyist, student or a pro, you should absolutely take advantage of them.
Reasons why to enter this competition.

1. For practice.
This is really stating the obvious here, but animating is not that different from learning to play an instrument. The best way to get better is to practise. And practise. And practise.

There is only so much you can claim to theoretically know about squash and stretch, timing, spacing, overlapping action and appeal. You have to be able to do it.

If you are animating for X amount of hours a week and your fellow animators are animating 6perhaps less hours a week, you are learning at Y times the rate they are.

2. For experimentation
If you have always done 3D computer animation, why not try a 2D cartoon? Or a stop motion test? Or a paper cut-out animation? Or flash?
Not only does it improve your depth of knowledge and make you more employable, but it helps you focus on what is essential in your main animation medium.

3. For your reel
Treat the animation competition as an assignment for school, or a commission from a paying client. Once you finish it, you can definitely consider adding it to your show reel. Particularly if you select a different style that complements your existing reel.
If your reel is mostly dialog shots, why not go for a very physical scene.

4. For the deadline pressure
If nothing else – entering an animation competition forces you to think about the constraints of the competition brief AND the constraints of the deadline.
It will allow you to focus on what is important and leave out details that are not required.

5. To get feedback
Some competitions, like the Colortape Internattional Film Festival 2D & 3D Competitions, also have a blog/forum where you can comment or another option to vote on other peoples’ animation. This is where the really valuable part comes into play. Not only can you receive honest feedback (maybe brutally so), but you can GIVE your own feedback.

Better to give critiues than receive, give specific comments on as many animations as you can. It will help develop your eye which is one of the most important things you can do if you’re still learning.

Reason NOT to enter an animation competition
#1 . Is To win!
The simple fact is: you can only control your output, not outcomes. All you can do is your best, and the rest largely lies in the hands of other people. This is true of life and of competitions.
If you spend time thinking about what it would be like to win, or worse: thinking about how you deserve to win, you are setting yourself for massive disappointment.
Instead – make your goal to be doing the kind of work that would have a real chance of winning. Staying focussed on quality, rather than future outcomes is a much better attitude and will ensure you’re pushing your work as far as it can go.
Good luck!

•Copyrighted rigs and/or character designs will not be allowed in entries unless the entrant has the right to use the rig and/or design.

•Don't edit the sound file (beyond adding silence before/after if needed - please try to keep the extra time to a minimum, winning eCritiques will not include added time)

•Don't put your name or contact info anywhere on the actual video (this makes voting unfair).

•Don't use anything overtly offensive (this is not the place for crude sexual humor, extremely violent imagery, or intolerance towards any culture/religion/gender/etc.) This is also not the place for political statements of any kind.

•Do have fun! :) get your animation registered today! Prices to win. Subject to availability at the time of the competition.


Here are the rules you need to be sure to follow to avoid having your entry disqualified and ineligible for voting or winning
• Don't edit the sound file (beyond adding silence before/after if needed).
• Don't put your name or contact info anywhere on the actual video (this makes voting unfair).
• Don't try to upload very large files (see requirements)
• Don't use anything overtly offensive (this is not the place for crude sexual humor).
• Don't try to cheat. You can NOT give your own entry a high rating if you think it deserves it, and you are not allowed to organize groups of friends to give your entry unfairly high ratings.Our system is set up to check for suspicious voting activity, and if we find you've been cheating, consequences can include entry disqualification, account suspension, or a permanent ban from the site.


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